How To Pay

How To Pay

Payment may only be maid whenatched by the system.

1.0 What You Should Know.

ultatetips is not a ponzi or mlm , it is an advanced AI system that rewards givers in the system with dividend, refer people to increase your earnings now!!!

1.1 How To Make Payment?

you will be automatically matched with a member once you become one, you must then pay and upload proof ,so as to get your dividend which will be paid within 15 days, you can also increase your earnings by referring other individuals.

1.2 Who Should Receive The Payment

do not send to anyone who you were not paired to , doing otherwise ,we cannot guarantee the safety of your money

1.3 What's that Proof?

a picture of money transfer receipt or teller or alert is proof, please do not upload fake proof, we have a powerful AI system to ban suspicious activities